Mobile App Design

Currently, the top three ways to find a faith community (a.k.a. church, synagogue, temple, etc.) in your area is to Google it, drive past it, or hear about it from a friend. The process of finding a faith community that aligns with your spiritual needs and traditions can be a very challenging process, especially if you are out of town or have moved to a new city. Wirshp is designed to ameliorate this process by a) allowing users to search and choose faith communities that meet their specific needs and traditions within any faith or religion, b.) allowing users to find out about events or gatherings such as prayer, concerts or community service initiatives to stay involved and unify the faith community, and c.) allowing users to see which events or gatherings are happening in real time for users who may want to “Wirshp Now”, seeking immediate spiritual refuge.

Technologies used:

Sketch, Invision, Craft


Designer, UX/UI

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